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2006 XC 70 Climate Control AC Air Temperature Vents

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2006 XC 70 Climate Control AC Air Temperature Vents

Post by kohen44 »

I have a 2006 XC 70 and recently noticed that the driver's side air vents are not blowing as cold of air as the passenger's side. This includes the center and end of dash vents. I have the dials for both sides set at "64". I checked with AC thermometer and the driver's side vents had a reading of 70-75 and the passenger side vents 60 (I believe 45-60 is normal?). The temperature was checked when car was parked in shade and readings monitored for about 5-7 seven minutes. The recirculate button is not on Would appreciate any feedback on what my issue might be. No sure if this is an electrical problem or duct issue? I am trying to get as much info before I have to take it to a garage for diagnosis.

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Re: 2006 XC 70 Climate Control AC Air Temperature Vents

Post by packetfire »

climate_door_motors.jpg (84.56 KiB) Viewed 1089 times
If you remove the panel on the right side of the driver's footwell, you will see a motor and linkage for the barn door that sends air to the driver's side. Behind the panel on the left side of the passenger footwell you will see three more of the same kind of motors and linkage that control the other aspects of things, such as directing air at the windshield, passengers, or floor, the motor that controls heat vs A/C, and the passenger side venting. Diagram attached

As you look, operate the controls for temp, and see how the mechanisms move. You may see that something on the drivers side is not the same as on the passenger side for the same motor, linkage, and barn-door. There is also a "calibration" of the motors, which is done with VIDA, and might be a good thing to attempt before approaching the stealership.
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