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Vents not blowing

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Vents not blowing

Post by johnrapier » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:21 pm

Good Afternoon Guys,

I found a post about the following topic but can't find it again.

When driving for around 30 or so minutes when the AC on, all of a sudden the cold air stops from coming out the vents.
I can still feel cold air coming out thru the vents but not at the speed of the fan blowing
The fan respond to proper settings.
This Behavoir is at feet,chest,or head.
If I turn the AC off the air starts to flow proper again. Then I can turn the AC on and it flows properly for about 10 minutes.
Another things I noticed is a bigger than normal puddle when the car it stop for a few moments.
Is something icing up, or could this be solenoid related or something as simple as a dirty cabin filter.
Also engage the internal circulation button or max ac button nothing changes.
Also another note I can see evaporation coming thru my vents.

Things that I think it mite be is cabin filter or evap temp sendot

Also another note I can see evaporation coming thru my vents.
Blower fan is brand new, resistor is brand new.

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Re: Vents not blowing

Post by oragex » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:54 pm

dash a/c evaporator icing up, compressor clutch plate won't disengage, lines nearby look iced, there may be condensation forming inside at the bottom of the windshield, a/c is cold but air flow diminish after 5 minutes, cold air flow returns if a/c turned off for 5-10 minutes (time for ice on the evaporator to melt)
faulty evaporator sensor http://www.volvoxc.com/forums/archive/i ... 3-p-2.html

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