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2002 S60 NA Acceleration Issues

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2002 S60 NA Acceleration Issues

Post by Marty9987 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:50 pm

Ok so sure people are going to assume I didn't read the forums however I have in fact been reading trying to figure this out.

So a friend of mine has this car and told me the car wouldn't go over 20mph and he already took it to a Volvo garage and they couldn't figure it out and he's been throwing money at it trying to fix it. Since he said money is tight he asked if my friend who's a back yard mechanic of sorts to take a look at it.

My friend the backyard mechanic is pretty smart. In fact I met him as a mechanic first and became friends with him later on. He's fixed every vehicle I've ever had him look at. Sometimes he has misdiagnosed things but for what he charges in labor inreally don't let it bother me. He's worked on my Cadillac, envoy, old Ford f250, my John Deere backhoe which he has to take the tranny apart. He's helping me build a 383 stroker for a car. He's worked on my brothers BMW, better, and Mercedes and managed to fix just about any thing that was thrown at him. I guess why I'm telling you this is to show he's a pretty good mechanic.

So he looks at this Volvo and changes a few sensors, maf sensor etc and nothing seems to make any difference. Finally he talks to a Volvo mechanic and that mechanic stated he would bet the ecu was bad..in fact he stated he would bet his career on it. So he finds an ecu repair place that programs the ecu to the car and sells you a repaired ecu. The Volvo owner agreed to pay the 650 for the ecu and the ecu is replaced. After replacing it it still runs the same shitty way. Rough idle, poor Acceleration etc. He then reads about a recall on the team and talks to the dealer and the dealer tells him it's past the recall date but they would do it for 120.00

The Volvo owner takes the car to that Volvo dealer and the dealer immediately tells him that the etm needs to be replaced and upgraded. Then he tells the guy that the backyard mechanic bent the pins but they straightened them but because it's not an original Volvo ecu they can not fix it and they want 1400 for another ecu to repair it. They charged him 900 and he drove the vehicle back home at about 20 mph and of course it wasn't fixed. Now the owner is blaming the back yard mechanic and threatening to take him to court to get his money back. The car was driven to the Volvo dealership and I would think if the ecu pins were bent the car might not even drive. Basically now the Volvo owner is blaming the back yard mechanic and even I told the Volvo owner to have them guarantee they would fix it for what they want. He didn't and now is blaming the backyard mechanic who has made maybe 100 dollar profit for about 2 days if working on this car.

I was wondering if someone could help direct us as to what's wrong with this car and if the pins were bent would the car even run? I would greatly appreciate the help.

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Re: 2002 S60 NA Acceleration Issues

Post by abscate » Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:42 am

That's a three way legal battle between backyard Bonnie, Iggie the Independent, and Victoria Volvo?

What a mess! What happened to the person who bet her/his career on the ECU? That, by the way, is a sign to avoid that person.

The limp mode is almost always caused by a bad ETM on an 1999-2002.

Cheapest path to fix is get a re flashed ECU from Henry here (user double bug) after you talk to him and see if he will get you a eCU that Volvo can talk to. He may not. If Backyard Bonnie didn't have the removal tool, the ECU can get destroyed on removing.

Unfortunately it could end up a $2000 lesson in not using the low bidder.
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