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2005 V70 Linear solenoids

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2005 V70 Linear solenoids

Post by koolhandluke » Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:59 pm

I realize there have been endless posts regarding this, but I'm looking for some input regarding replacing the three linear solenoids on my '05 v70(150K). My only problem with this transmission is the telltale delayed forward engagement likely due to a sticky SLT solenoid There are no other drivability issues. I acquired this car 3 years ago (113K), and this problem surfaced about 18 months ago, and I've just waited until fully engaged before attempting to move. I have flushed the transmission with 12 quarts of Mobil 3309, and installed a Magnifine filter in the cooling line. I believe it hadn't been serviced prior to my doing so. I've read all of the great DYI posts, and have decided that this repair is in my wheelhouse. I am wondering if anyone has installed the replacement Rostra solenoids, and whether in your experience they required mechanical adjustment beyond the relearn procedure included in the instructions. I am trying to save myself the step of measuring and drilling holes in the valve body cover, but by the same token, I would sure hate to have to drop the subframe again after reassembly to do so.
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Re: 2005 V70 Linear solenoids

Post by vtl » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:51 pm

Scratch Rostra, replace the whole valve body. The one rebuilt with Sonnax kit. From what you have described, there's a leakage in valve body, so it can't build the pressure in time. Sticky SLT causes shift problems in many gears.

I still have Rostra solenoids laying somewhere in garage, and a mask to drill the VB cover. Never worked for me. Finally replaced the VB 3 years ago, and the car (2002 V70 with B5244S) drove like a charm after that.
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