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2007 V70 2.4D Alarm trouble (siren)

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2007 V70 2.4D Alarm trouble (siren)

Post by Snordbe »

Hi, my 2007 V70 gives me some headace. The siren went off now and then and I went to the local Volvo dealer to check the fault codes. They found UEM-0004, so I got myself a brand new siren module.
After replacement of siren its been quiet, too quiet. When I lock my car with the key nob and after a minute unlocks the car with the key and opens the door the emergency lights flashes but the siren is quiet.
Went back to Volvo to do another readout and the only fault present is UEM-0004, the fault is active so its impossible to delete it they say.
My guess was that the siren I just got from Volvo was defect so I got another siren brand new Volvo siren. Replaced siren last night without any luck, siren is still silent and the HUD says "alarm system requires service"
Volvo says that it is not required to code or program anything to get a new siren to work properly. Can the UEM (mirror) make trouble?
I have also measured +12V on pin 1 and pin 2 is signal (measured with scope and saw pulses when open/close opr with key nob.)
Pin 3 is ground and there is no contact between 1-2 and pin 3.
Any tips and trics is higly appriciated :-)

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