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lower trans torque bush options Topic is solved

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lower trans torque bush options

Post by mrbrian200 »

I violated that law "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

9 mos ago when I was working through excessive engine vibration (previous thread) I ordered a powerflex bush for the smaller bush down there that is known to fail often. Upon closer inspection I determined the existing bush was in good shape so I put the installation of the powerflex bush on the back burner. With winter setting in I decided to go ahead and put it on. Mistake! To date everything I've done either improved (lessened) vibration or made no difference. I was happy with where I was on this, but oh boy did this little guy set me back. It's not as hard as some poly bushes but it's definitely harder than the OE rubber. Poly can be formulated to any hardness between jello to a block of wood...

My question is: does anyone make a poly bush for there formulated not to exceed the hardness of the OE rubber (should last longer with no effect on vibration transmitted) or are all poly bushes geared to the performance crowd (stiffer)?
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Re: lower trans torque bush options  Topic is solved

Post by Archer »

I have the same problem, trying to tweak the combination of poly/oem rubber in the mounts. Apparently, per other enthusiasts, the small rear bushing should remain oem rubber and the larger front can be poly. I have poly/poly in the lower and just switched out to poly in the rear and oem in threfront (I had an existing mount with the original rubber front and a small poly bushing on hand) We shall see, just installed the other day and have yet to test drive it. Also, have an upper IPD poly mount....at first, the vibration was pretty bad, not so much the vibration, but the console/dash shake. Driving is wonderful, but too much time spent at lights idling. My car is a V70R GT....but, I must say, the vibration does calm down after a 1000 miles or so and is more tolerable.
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