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Wet floor again.

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Wet floor again.

Post by AlanS »

I found the source of the leak (2006 xc70) but not the reason. Water is leaking from the cabin filter chamber on the pass. side. If I were to open it up, a nice amt of water would exit. I originally thought it was the cowl drains, as this is what happened to my 850...I kept them clean, rain today in NY...water dripping from the cabin filter housing. Any ideas?

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Post by oragex »

There's about a dozen of 'sources' actually. May have a search on Youtube. Here's just one of the vids

The bottom cover of the cabin filter is made of plastic and has a small rubber seal around. The plastic bends with time, I'd suggest replacing this cover if available at the dealer. Myself I've used some silicone but it's harder to remove the next time.

Also, I'd inspect the drain tube from the cabin blower unit - same place but near the right wall. The rubber tube goes into the wall and exists, can be removed and cleaned at the bottom end. I'd also make sure the blower has all it's mounting screws properly secured - I believe 5, one of which is located almost behind the blower.

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Post by shiloh51933 »

I'd pull cowl out to inspect under it and they sunroof drains have been known to make a puddle on floor. A friend on mine had an '04 XC90 that leaked due to sunroof drains and fouled up a couple of modules /harenes which would cause his XC90 to go into limp mode. He would turn her off then restart her to reset computers but he procrastinated to bring her in for diagnostic and burned out his trans constantly driving in limp home mode.
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