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DEM-0007 Hydraulic pressure faulty valve

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DEM-0007 Hydraulic pressure faulty valve

Post by Metallo »

Hi guys,

I ran the diagnostics on my XC70 AWD and got this error:
As a result, the AWD does not work, I tested it myself today and I could only see the front wheels spinning.

VIDA says the possible root cause might be:

1) Damaged pressure sensor
2) Damaged feed pump
3) Too low oil volume in clutch
4) Internal leak in the clutch

Three years ago XeMODeX refurbished the DEM Module and I also replaced the differential oil pump.

The question is: where do I start from? I would exclude # 2
How do I check the oil volume in the clutch?
I could clean the pressure sensor...

Any other results I could get from VIDA that may help?

Thank you for your advice.

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Re: DEM-0007 Hydraulic pressure faulty valve

Post by JRL »

DEM pressure sensor
Not too expensive and probably the issue in your case
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Re: DEM-0007 Hydraulic pressure faulty valve

Post by vtl »

Check Haldex oil level (add to the top then back out about 100...150 ml).

Pressure sensor can die too, as JRL said.
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