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Fuse? Parking brake stuck on, Windows not working and no interior lights!

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Fuse? Parking brake stuck on, Windows not working and no interior lights!

Post by frazzledV70 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:05 am


After a really awful night last night I would appreciate your advice. I broke down last night, the little piston that sits behind the clutch pedal has broken, and the car was not drivable. After several hours at the side of the motorway in sub zero temperatures a recovery vehicle arrived to take me home.

At this point I am convinced there was nothing wrong apart from the pedal. The recovery driver attempted to "bump" the car into a position that he could get it on his truck, and he told me that the battery must have gone flat from the bumping. I took it at face value.

When we got home the battery was of course still "flat" he took it off he truck, and left us with the front window down, we were going to jump start it from our other car, put the window up, and go to bed (2am!!!)

However, although the car will start fine, the windows aren't working, the parking brake is stuck on, and the interior lights are not working. Because of the parking brake I can't even get towed to a garage for repair.

Is there a fuse likely responsible that I can change? Please help, the last few hours have been just dreadful!

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Re: Fuse? Parking brake stuck on, Windows not working and no interior lights!

Post by oragex » Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:51 am

Maybe let the car idle longer, so as to charge the battery a little more. Inspect all fuses from the side with a little lamp, the box inside the engine area and the box on the dash panel side. If all checks fine, with the battery properly charged, try disconnecting it for a few hours until the computer resets (the climate control speed know will show no lights)

As for the parking brakes, does the handle lower but the wheels still won't move? Maybe the shoes got stuck or one cable snapped.

As for the clutch pedal, usually the news aren't that good. The manual gearbox is prone to fail at the slave cylinder (pedal falls to the floor, brake fluid level drops in the reservoir - parking brake light might be on). Unfortunately a costly repair. You can still drive the car by pulling up the clutch pedal every time with the tip of the shoes. You have http://volvoforums.org.uk/ with plenty of manual gearbox owners, they can give some advice on repair costs

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Re: Fuse? Parking brake stuck on, Windows not working and no interior lights!

Post by abscate » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:49 am

I think the little piston near the pedal referred to here is the clutch pedal switch. I think its the same on the 2007 as my 2005/1999 - a resistance switch measuring clutch pedal position. The car won't start if it falls off as it is also the safety switch for cranking - the symptom there is a no-crank.
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