New Member! Hello! Advice! Which R should I buy?

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New Member! Hello! Advice! Which R should I buy?

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Hello all,

I am new to the Volvo World but not new to the car world. I have built many of my own cars up with all type of modifications and am looking for a new car,

I found a listing for a 2004 Volvo V70R for sale and that's what has started my new Volvo addiction and decision to replace my last car that was totaled from someone texting and driving. I had a 2003 Acura TL type S with almost every mod you could think of, performance, suspension, brakes, audio, electronics, etc. Not much was left untouched. I like my cars to looks semi-sleeper and to be fast.

I told myself my next car would be a factory turbo car and a sleeper in some way. So I have been researching a few of the 2000-2009 Rs, trying to decide which is right for me. I am going to test drive a fairly bone stone 2004 V70R this weekend but also plan to upgrade whichever R I get with the help and support of members here and some other forums and probably through Hilton Tuning. I almost bought one that is fully upgraded but another person put down a deposit on it and is going to buy it this weekend but if that falls thru I may already have the car I want lined up.

So first of all this post is to say hello and to introduce myself. I'm Joe and like fast cars. My next big question is what to buy? I like Wagons but it isn't required. I just like the rarity of a 2004 V70R that was a particular rare color, had plenty of mods and a great price, but I also want to hear from some members or maybe point me to the correct post(s), as I am still learning the search function, to figure out which is the best R for me. I am definitely not looking to buy a new car and spend $20k initially, but may buy a car worth $10k and put that much into it with upgrades in the next year, I want to hear why this year or that year is better than the other, or what slight changes were made and even why go with the V70R vs the S60R. I know a lot of this can be opinion but just in my little bit of research I have done I have learned a lot.

Just another note about myself, my car accident hurt my back and a few other things that my next car has to be a automatic transmission. Many (not all) of the higher end, premium, performance version that manufacturers make only come manual transmissions (ex Mercedes AMG, BMW M, WRX STi, VW R32, Audi RS, etc) and many of the newer cars that may be automatic are not what I want. To expensive and too new. I am only 36 and have a list of cars I want to own and a Volvo has also been once since my buddy had a 850 in high school and my other friend had a 240. I am also sad to sell my 2000 Acura Integra GSR with a manual transmission that has too many mods to list but the last dyno all motor was approximately 280hp/250tq and before the turbo went bad was well over 300 hp. This car I planned to keep forever but with out the ability of driving a clutch, I feel like its wasting away and not being driven enough, so I mostly drive my 2004 GMC Sierra with your basic intake, exhaust, tune, small lift, and aggressive tires.

Help me decide on which models I should look at and why? Which years? Any info helps. Thanks so much!

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