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instaling vida 14 on top of vida 12, remve the old one?

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sergio II
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instaling vida 14 on top of vida 12, remve the old one?

Post by sergio II »

I HAVE to (use) install VIDA 14. My Vida 12 doesn't see my new Volvo. MUST I remove the old one?
I prefer not to. I don't like to repeat my problems of not being able to reinstall a program after uninstalling it (in this case Vida 14).

I was forced to replace my S60 2002 (got a 2012) So, I should have posted this tread in S60 2012section, but that forum has the traffic of Birmingham's streets at night under Queen Victoria, and I'm so poor in patience. :evil:


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Post by Botbasher »

When in doubt... uninstall!!

Typically if a program is sensitive to that, they will make you uninstall during the process. MS Office.. AutoCAD...

That being said though.... A program as large and cumbersome as VIDA... I wouldn't want to double my data requirements for it, so I'd prefer to uninstall rather than overlay or parallel!

Unless it makes you do it, the choice is yours.

K "HD Miser!" S
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