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Skid Service / Stop Safely / no odbII failure codes

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Skid Service / Stop Safely / no odbII failure codes

Post by mrmail » Wed May 10, 2017 11:34 am

Need help with my 2004 V70 2.4L T5. Last week it started to show Brake Failure Stop Safely and ABS Skid Service messages on the dash, I did the DTCS and got the following DTC Set notices

The TCM just kept saying checking even though I drove the car with it on for 15 minutes.

I use a bluetooth ODBII reader with Tourqe and it reported No Fault Codes so I took it to AutoZone and had them check it and they also found no Fault codes stored.

Twice now the Transmission acts up and won't shift when I first start to drive the car cold. Goes away if the car is warmed up first.

The ABS module was rebuilt 2 years ago, the battery is less than a year old and has 12.43 volts in the engine compartment.

I thought that perhaps it was a bad brake pressure sensor but can not fine one on any of the brake lines or Master Cylinder. Thinking maybe the ABS models use the ABS modules to read pressure instead of an inline sensor?

I disconnected the battery and removed the CEM to inspect it for any heat or water damage and found none, cleaned all the contacts and re-installed. Still the same dash warnings.

Any thought or ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Skid Service / Stop Safely / no odbII failure codes

Post by Botbasher » Wed May 10, 2017 11:43 am

I'd suggest getting together with someone that has VIDA (user, indie or Volvo).

The codes that you're seeing may not show up on generic readers. Mine, 03 T5, had many DTCs that my CAN-bus capable VW/Audi reader couldn't see.

My VIDA/DICE purchase saved me more than I spent on it in a single use. I can't express how much any DIY Volvo owner needs one!!

Get to a dedicated volvo reader and the problems will reveal themselves. Sounds like a BCM fault, I just went through this, but need more info to help much.

Good hunting!!

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