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drivers side window doesn't work

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drivers side window doesn't work

Post by pemaquidale »

My daughters 2002 v70xc drivers window was working intermittently, but now it's not working at all. The master switch has a circuit board in it, not contacts. What do I do?

Steve Gorrill
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Re: drivers side window doesn't work

Post by yagger »

Best way to replace DDM module from the same MY car.
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Re: drivers side window doesn't work

Post by Fataqui »

I would first pull the door panel and simply check that no pins on the DDM connector have come loose, they have a single locking point so sometimes a connector pin on the connector side can come loose. I have seen that happen more than any DDM going bad. Also clean all the pins and connectors on both sides of the DDM. That's the first thing that Vida recommends doing.
1. Always check that the control module and control module box connectors do
not have bent or damaged terminals or socket / sleeves.
If it is the DDM you can buy a used one that has the same product id as yours that way you won't have to have it reinitialized by a dealer once you replace your bad DDM with a good used one. As a side note I have had good luck just swamping a bad DDM with a good used DDM on both 2001 and 2002, but on 2003 and onward, I have had to reinitialize any DDM that a customer has bought at a pick n' pull / junk yard, to use as their replacement.
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Re: drivers side window doesn't work

Post by chrism »

If your 02 is like our 03 and 05 there ARE contacts under each button that can be cleaned. You have to do minor surgery to get to them but not too big a deal - You have to pry the plastic catches apart, disconnect the ribbon cable, and unscrew the circuit board. You'll find those little rubbery contacts like inside of a TV remote control.
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