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SRS Light reset- Codes SRS-00D0 and SRS-00D1 Topic is solved

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SRS Light reset- Codes SRS-00D0 and SRS-00D1  Topic is solved

Post by djrover »

In my 2001 V70 2.4T I made the mistake of reconnecting the battery with the key off, NOT in position 2. The AC control (CCM) went OFF permanently and the SRS Urgent Warning light came ON permanently. Changed the AC control - no problem. Learned here on MVS that I needed a dealer visit or a diagnostic tool that could reset the SRS. Bought the ICarsoft Vol II. I reset the SRS (heard the relay clicking) but it would immediately come back on. The SRS codes were SRS-00D0 no buckle signal drivers seat and SRS-00D1 no buckle signal passenger seat. I know that two buckles didn't fail at the same time. Did additional research and learned that I had to reset the CEM BEFORE resetting the SRS. CEM had some totally unrelated code set: rear passenger door lock signal low. I cleared door lock code in the CEM and then cleared the SRS codes. SRS light is off.
Doing research I found pieces of the puzzle in different places and am posting this as a one stop source of info on those two SRS codes.
Hope this helps.
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Re: SRS Light reset- Codes SRS-00D0 and SRS-00D1

Post by abscate »

Excellent reference, thank you. If you do remember the CEM code that would be good to add too
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Re: SRS Light reset- Codes SRS-00D0 and SRS-00D1

Post by Cvovo7 »

How do you reset the CEM for a Volvo S60 2.4t??
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Re: SRS Light reset- Codes SRS-00D0 and SRS-00D1

Post by spue »

Thank you! This post solved all my problems!!!
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