Head gasket Blown?

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Head gasket Blown?

Post by cuhfs »

So I got a $400 project car that had badly overheated and therefore would not start. leak down test showed it was not holding pressure.

I assume it is a blown and pulled the head. I was expecting to see a head gasket Blown apart or at least broken. See pic. Does a blown heeadgasket need to be blown apart or broken to be bad? I hope i dont have a cracked block. See pic. Please advise.
Headgasket pic.jpg
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Post by wizechatmgr »

I would have the head checked. It could be warped or have a crack from the overheat.
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Post by RickHaleParker »

Overheating tends to warp the head. You can check the head for distortion with a precision straight edge, feeler gages and a little study. There are DIY chemical "Magnaflux" kits for check parts for cracks.
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