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'02 v70 t5 key and remote programming

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'02 v70 t5 key and remote programming

Post by LinearB »

I recently purchased 2 new keys and 2 new remotes from a Volvo dealer on line (nos) Now the local shop is telling me with out the original numbers from the remotes they cant program them, and that there is a "software" charge for each item? I also wanted to have them turn off DRL and set my alarm arm and disarm to lights flash. they said there is another "software" charge for that as well?
They already have the car plugged in to Volvo software why all the extra charges? and am I being fed a line of crap about the keys just because I didn't buy them from this dealer? Please help, this is getting expensive real fast.

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Post by abscate »

Keys on 1999 on cars need to be married to the car in question and I do believe they need the key numbers, which should be with your new keys
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Post by zjevik »

They need the bar code on the plastic box each key and remote came in. There is no way to do it without the code.

I had it done about 2 years ago by a dealer mechanic under the table when his boss was gone. He charged me around $35 per software and you need two softwares, one for each key and one for each remote.

Getting a key with remote for 99+ Volvo is costly. On the other hand it's good bc it makes the cars harder to steal.

Talking about turning on/off DRL. It's a vida setting in my '06 S60 that doesn't require a software download. I can do it myself in Vida in 15 seconds but it might require a software download in '02. Someone here with Vida and '02 could tell you more.

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Post by JRL »

No software for a DRL disable or any of the latter changes, all are 1 minute VIDA adjustments only.
As for the "dealer" that sold you the keys, they should have been in their original packaging with the codes
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