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Driver side blows cool while Passenger side blows heat

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Driver side blows cool while Passenger side blows heat

Post by Tone »

Hey, I’m new here and I’m in bad need of some advice or answers but I have a 2005 Xc70 and when I turn on my heat only the passenger side blows heat while the driver side blows cool/cold air and I have both Temperature dials on high heat I googled this issue and this forum popped up and I read a post about a guy with the exact same issue but he had a 2000 S70 so the replies he got from ppl here didn’t quite help me because of the 2 different vehicles so if anyone could please shed some light and knowledge on this issue I would much appreciate it. Thanks
Tone. P.S. sorry about the lack of punctuation

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Post by Smar1991 »

Could be a bad servo motor (leading to the vents not directed heat properly). Alternatively, the plastic piece that the servo shaft drive fits into cracks so the motor turns but the shaft doesn't. Not sure if the passenger servo is reachable on your model without taking apart the whole dash...

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Post by oragex »

We have seen a few with this exact issue, sadly I don't remember anyone coming back with an update once fixed. If you do so, please let us know what it was.

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Post by dcm0123 »

Had similar problem.

When I replaced the heater core I accidentally knocked one of the levers connected to the temperature control servo motor off and did not snap it back on properly. They are right above the drivers right foot next to where the pipes go into the core.

If heater core was replaced, suggest you make sure they are properly connected.

I thought it was broken so I bought a replacement motor and levers off e-bay then realized it was not broken, just was not snapped on properly.

If you can reach up and move the lever making the heat go from hot to cold, you may have same problem.

If not, probably servo motor. They are cheap on ebay but you need to get the numbers of yours to match it up.

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