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ETM Cleaning or Disassembly

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Re: ETM Cleaning or Disassembly

Post by Georgeandkira » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:08 am

As someone offered above, these are my unsubstantiated bits of second-hand info:
1) Whether factory or dealership replacement (white / yellow stickers) MM ETMs you get the same, weak technology.

1a) Several people have mentioned purchasing / installing aftermarket non-contact sensors from ebay but every time I've gone to look the cupboard is bare AND the ad is pared down to nothing but a heading so I don't even know what the darn things looks like.

2) News that the download (Service Campaign 155?) merely quiets the Check Engine Light comes as no surprise.
I read that the wiper mechanism has additional travel such that the factory setting would wear the mylar film from "0 to 50" and the reloaded ETM would let it wear the "50 to 100" part.
Like they say, don't always believe what you read on the internet.

3) To 01_Nautic: If I had an '01 and the ETM was dying or dead I'd just send it to XeMODeX for their non-contact hardware rebuild. You want to side-step buying some junk from heaven-only-knows-where without effective guarantee or access to testing capacity. XeMODeX doesn't charge that much.

Good luck

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Re: ETM Cleaning or Disassembly

Post by precopster » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:53 pm

If power to the flap motor died due to a failed board it will still limp with almost zero air getting to the cylinders.

The 2006 software prevented limp home due to one or both of the position sensors not being read properly. The updated software won't help if there's a 12V supply issue, a Canbus fault or an internal ETM board fault.

It's easy to identify whether you have a white label or a yellow label (even if you're color blind)
Yellow label ETMs were manufactured AFTER your vehicle's build date and white labels were manufactured BEFORE your vehicle's build date.

The build date nomenclature is first two digits are year and then the week of build such as this yellow label pictured with 2003 build week 38 denoting a September build. There is also a date stamping on the aluminum body with month and year in a simpler format.

Part numbers for white labels were:

8644346, 9186793, 9136793, 9497244, 8644344,

Yellow labels were marked with part numbers:

8644347, 36001822, 8644345 and 36001821.
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