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Using right turn signal causes brights to come one

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Using right turn signal causes brights to come one

Post by Petey3894 »

I’ve just recently started to have troubles with my 2001 V70 XC.

When using my right blinker, my brights will turn on at random. I’ve tried searching this sight, and can’t find much at all regarding this issue.
I’m assuming it’s a bad switch somewhere, but I’m not very familiar with this car.

Has anyone else had this issue? People driving in front of me have been getting very frustrated :shock:
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Re: Using right turn signal causes brights to come one

Post by Martin_Frydenbo »


Common problem with these cars.

Replace the blinker switch, and it should solve the problem.

I've replaced quite a few of these on costumer cars.
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Re: Using right turn signal causes brights to come one

Post by stone36 »

I had a similar problem with my XC90, blinker was intermittent and also the high beams were inconsistent and usually didn't stay on when you clicked it. They are controlled by the same switch and it just needed to be cleaned with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. The contacts just get dirty. It took all of 15 minutes and it's been perfect ever since, no new switch needed! Hopefully that's all it is. below is a video with instructions.

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