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2003 XC70 - Loss of rear wheel drive (FWD only, AWD not working)

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Re: 2003 XC70 - Loss of rear wheel drive (FWD only, AWD not working)

Post by vtl »

I'm always amazed when people talk about upper-class European cars, especially old ones that need a lot of expensive repairs, and mention fuel costs at the same time =)

Haldex Gen2 is bullet-proof. If only Volvo would move DEM to trunk like it did with PEM that was suffering from the same water penetration problems...
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Re: 2003 XC70 - Loss of rear wheel drive (FWD only, AWD not working)

Post by cn90 »


This discussion has fuel mileage in the equation. Nothing to do with upper-end (expensive) vs cheaper vehicles. Basically, this is a "scientific discussion".

Haldex is not bullet-proof.

For winter safety:
- AWD + winter tires = #1
- FWD + winter tires = #2
- AWD + four-season tires = #3

I am happy with #2.

For me, I never care too much about AWD bc I always use winter tires for safety. I bought the 2005 XC90 AWD bc it was the only one available. When the sleeve stripped, it did not bother me. I am driving it as FWD, and yes fuel mileage improves after the sleeve stripped.
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Re: 2003 XC70 - Loss of rear wheel drive (FWD only, AWD not working)

Post by XC70Rider »

XC70Rider wrote: Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:02 am
vtl wrote: Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:11 am ..... Not too cheap, but you can get one for VW for 1/2 of price.

Also driveshaft is bad too because of age and mileage, it needs a new CV joints and at least a new rubber around center bearing.

P3 is worse than P2 all around, honestly.
What's the VW matching AOC oil pump for our P2s? The cheapest Volvo AOC oil pump, 30783079, I can find is $280 on amazon.

Giving thoughts of throwing on a new AOC oil pump before my 12 year one starts failing. With a rebuilt driveshaft and new oscillation damper installed then installing a new oil pump won't be much of a hassle. Removing the driveshaft keeps getting easier each time.


Is this the matching pump you're referring to?

https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-vol ... av598549a/
I purchased the Volvo pump on Amazon for $280.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GN ... UTF8&psc=1

The mtaching VW/ Audi pump is PN 0AV598549A for $235. The pump is identical but the harness is longer and the harness mounting location is different. The casing would need adjusting to insert this. It mounts very close to the oscillation damper.


Decided to pay $45 more for a direct fit OEM Volvo pump.
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