2003 XC70 AWD Issues

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2003 XC70 AWD Issues

Post by whizbang »

I have a 2003 XC70 with about 160k miles on it. I have had suspicion that my AWD is not operational this winter but am convinced with the most recent snowfall we had (I live in SE MI) that it is not working. I started reading up on the forums on how to diagnose this for certain and finally got opportunity to run a few quick tests. I have determined my problem is either angle gear or the shaft sleeve has no splines left. Below are the tests I ran, please let me know if what I determined is correct and what would be a reasonable price for repair. Also, if anyone has a local shop recommendation please share.

1st: Checked all fuses and all fuses were good.

2nd: Got on an incline with snow and had my wife watch the rear tires for movement – Her statement “back tires are not slipping and they rotate at a ¼ speed of front tires”.

3rd: Jacked up front driver wheel and left other 3 on the ground, I put the XC70 in neutral and spun the front wheel, no drive shaft rotation. I repeated this with the car in park and had the same result,

4th: Jacked up the back end of the car so that both rear wheels were off the ground and the car was in park. The rear wheels spin freely and independent of each other and there is no rotation of the driveshaft when rotating the wheels. Without changing the set-up I then tried to spin the driveshaft, it rotates but with a little resistance and the wheels do not spin. While messing with the drive shaft I noticed a light clunking noise and found that when I wiggled the rear wheels (either one by itself) that the drive shaft would wiggle but not fully rotate with the wheels.

5th: Jacked the car up on 4 stands so all 4 wheels were off the ground. Put the car in drive, front wheels spinning but driveshaft and rear wheels do nothing.

6th: With same set-up as 5, but the vehicle off, I could spin one of the front wheels, the other would counter spin but again, the drive shaft and rear wheels did not move.

Thanks in Advance

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Post by jimmy57 »

Your angle gear that drives rear drive shaft has a splined collar connecting it to transmission. Absent terrible noises that means the collar is stripped/worn.

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Post by whizbang »

So here I am a year later just now deciding to make my XC70 AWD again....

I know my problem is in the angle gear, my question is whether or not the root of the problem is a bad bevel gear or the splined collar? The more I search the forums the more I find contradicting statements, or vague statements that simply state "bad angle gear", they don't specify the bad component.

Right now when I spin the front tires (driver and/or passenger side) of the XC70, I have no movement of the driveshaft. Does this mean the bevel gear is shot?

Also, I am looking at getting a used angle gear assembly from a junk yard, has ~100k miles on (mine has 165k miles), how critical is it to crack open the transfer case and reseal everything?

Any recommendations on best quality and price on a reseal kit?

Thank in advanced everyone,

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Post by voltech1 »

If the connecting socket splines are stripped thr corresponding splines on the angle gear can also be damaged. If you look at where the angle gear and transmission mate up and it has a rusty color then you will most likely need an angle gear. The splines need to be packed with bearing grease. The angle gear splines can be partially worn down and still function with a new connector. The splines will need to be checked when it is out of the vehicle. Another thing to check is lateral play in the pinion bearing of the angle gear. If there is some lateral movement it is on its way out. Resealing the gear is best left to someone who has done it before. it can easily be ruined.
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Post by whizbang »

So I bit the bullet and purchased a used angle gear from the same year as my XC70. It has 100k miles on, versus my 165k. I had to purchase sight unseen, I got a pretty good price but am concerned the spline teeth on the actual angle gear may be too worn, but I am not sure.

There is no lateral movement and the bevel gear spins nice and freely. My problem is that I can't seem to get the new spline collar to easily slide on to the splined shaft of the angle gear. I already checked that I ordered the correct par so I am asking if there is some trick to installing the spline shaft?

I am also asking for opinions on if the teeth are too worn and what I should do.
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Post by whizbang »

Hi all, Looking for some guidance on angle gear replacement.

The unit I have pictured in the last post was one I got cheap from a junk yard. From a visual standpoint the housing matches the non-operational/toothless unit in my car currently, however the spline teeth on the one pictured are damaged and I cannot get a new gear collar sleeve on it. I found another one online via Ebay with splines in good shape. Ebay seller (store front, not independent person) stated it was compatible with my vehicle and the 36000340 PN jives as an equivalent PN on the volvoparts.com website for my vehicle. HOWEVER the housing is not the same as my current one and on FCP Euro the 36000340 PN is stated as NOT compatible with 2003 XC70s. I don't know how to determine 100% if the nicer unit I got will work with my car before tearing into the car and potentially leaving it not operational if it doesn't. The local Volvo dealer couldn't even tell me for certain, the diagrams and PN lists they gave me were the same as what is on volvoparts.com and the diagrams/drawings don't show any of the features that differ.

My VIN # is YV1SZ59H431105010 , so if anyone can for certain tell me what my original PN is and if the 36000340 part will work I would be eternally grateful. Hoping to get this repair completed before snowfall.

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Post by whizbang »

I was told via another site that as long as the flange used to connect at the drive shaft was the same, the new unit would be compatible. Can anyone confirm?

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Post by greg850r »

Have you seen this thread?
I'm getting ready to weld my collar to the angle gear shaft. Will post more in the next week or two when I get it back apart.
I hope you didn't give much for that angle gear. The splines look worse than mine did and mine only lasted 2 weeks with the new collar installed before acting up again.
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