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2005 S60R–Immobilizer/Antiskid/Brake Failure Message & center brake light & tail lights won’t turn off

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2005 S60R–Immobilizer/Antiskid/Brake Failure Message & center brake light & tail lights won’t turn off

Post by T64me »

My daughter’s S60R sat outside for the winter. The other day I went to start it to move it into the garage and, of course, the battery was dead. I grabbed the big battery jump box my son got me for Christmas, connected it to the battery and the car started right up. I removed the jump box, and the engine stopped so I hooked up the jump box again, started it and pulled the car into the garage. I put the battery on a charger and the next day I tried starting it again. It would not start – it would just turn over for a few seconds – then the immobilizer message pops up on the message screen. Additionally, the lights on the dash stay lit as well as the center brake light and tail lights – even when I remove the key from the ignition. I have messages on the display saying Immobilizer – see manual and Antiskid Service and Brake Failure.

I pulled codes and I have:
CEM-1 AO5 X-Power supply: Signal too high
CEM-1 A09 50-power supply : Signal too high
CEM-8F1D 15-feed or beam level control shorted to supply
BCM-0115 Communication between control units. Communicational problems with SAS. Signal missing
BCM-0094 Communication between control units: Communication problems with AOC

I thought maybe the issue was a weak battery, so I replaced it with a new one. The issues remain. The codes above cannot be cleared.

Any input would be appreciated!
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