Headlight Switch Module Not Working, DIM is dark, and radio is dark. Why? Help! Topic is solved

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Re: Headlight Switch Module Not Working, DIM is dark, and radio is dark. Why? Help!

Post by mrbrian200 »

Daveliz99 wrote: Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:23 am Just to clarify, my thumbwheel nor any other part of my lsm works. Most of my dash lights went dim, radio display out, bright headlights won't stay on etc. Other people who posted similar symptoms said they had some success by changing the lsm.
If all the functions controlled by the steering wheel module work: turn signals.. wipers.. switching the text display modes on the DIM.. everything except high beam function, the fuse would be ok and yes most likely the LSM puked out.

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Post by Daveliz99 »

Thank you very much mrbrian200. That's good news, and i'll go get one asap and post again if it works or not.

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Post by JohnnyBee323 »

Fixed it. It was the light switch module. $30 part and 30 second installation, and done. Thanks everyone.

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Post by ionianp2 »

I know this is a slightly old thread but this happened to me last night (exact same symptoms!) and while researching I stumbled upon this thread. I wanted to share with you folks a fix.

I took out the LSM, cracked it open and saw no visual damage/cracks on the soldering. I ended up taking a heat gun to the circuit board on the low setting to the point where the solder became shiny and fresh. I plugged it back in and voila! Worked like a charm! :)

I also painted the solder connections with a clear coat pen to replace the melted corrosion protection. Even my wife who is an electrical engineer and meticulously looked at the board was pleasantly surprised.

Takeaway: before buying another used module off of someplace, you have nothing to lose take a heat gun to the soldered connections.

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