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How many miles do you have on your original AW55-50SN transmission?

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Re: How many miles do you have on your original AW55-50SN transmission?

Post by xHeart »

2001 V70XC 200,000 miles -- simple D&F of Mobil ATF every winter with annual oil and filter change event.
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Re: How many miles do you have on your original AW55-50SN transmission?

Post by oragex »

I did replace the main solenoids and relearn adaptations 2y ago on mine with 140k miles. It was shifting mostly fine afterwards, less well in cold weather until warmed, mostly a harsher 2-3 up-shifting, and would also give a good kick when slowing down quickly while going downhill. This winter however a very strange thing happened: the transmission lost all learned shift points all of a sudden, when I got the car from outside in cold weather, inside a heated garage and had to disconnect the battery (I was replacing the alternator). When I reconnected the battery the transmission started shifting all weird with slipping, delays and all the package. Basically, it forgot all learning. I think the reason is having disconnect the battery with a sharp temperature change (from outdoors to inside the garage), maybe the computer got confused by the temperature reading and for some reason did reset all adaptations. I've never heard of this elsewhere, but it's the only reason I could see.
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