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How many miles do you have on your original AW55-50SN transmission?

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Re: How many miles do you have on your original AW55-50SN transmission?

Post by Rattnalle »

abscate wrote: Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:11 am My fixed costs for my airport runner are down to $300 per year for insurance plus registration.

That’s a pretty flat depreciation curve!
I wrote my car off the day I bought it. The curve has been flat since :D

$300 is the tax alone over here :-P

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Post by regent »

joesvec3 wrote: Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:10 pm
I call the "stealership" and they won't tell me anything. They claim they can't tell me what version of the software is in the car. They want like $150 to install and transmission software and they want to DIAGNOSE (read CHARGE $$$) what is wrong with it first.
I had a similar runaround and bull* response from a stealership in the US earlier in 2007.
Boy was I not happy... :evil:

An extensive (15-minute long) call to Volvo Cars of NA with with a subsequent follow-up email solved all my 'customer attendance'-related concerns, and also yielded an accurate Volvo Dealer-service history, to include the completion status of TSBs and recalls, even up to having the Yellow Label Throttle Module already in there.

The stealerships have access to the same database that Volvo Cars of NA has, maybe the one person whom you called just (conveniently) didn't have sufficient training :lol:

On a side note, the only Volvo dealer that I am comfortable dealing with is in Lisle, IL: volvopartslisle/dot/com
I have been buying original parts at prices that are way better (like 15% better) than most online places
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Post by jbeebo »

180,000 miles on an original tranny in a 2005 S60 2.4L non-turbo. I regularly change the fluid and the tranny shifts like buttah. I do notice however @ 45mph there's gear tooth mesh noise (first order) from the output gear to differential. Nothing the radio can't fix ;-)
2005 S60 2.4L (B5244S6), 175k miles

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Post by Georgeandkira »

Sold my 2002 with 198,600 miles on its original trannie. That was 14 months ago and I constantly see it around town.
Stop-Neutral removed, clean fluid, LubeGard (red).

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Post by dbyczynski »

I did the fluid flush a couple of times along the way and it failed just under 330K on the odometer.

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Post by Georgeandkira »

Yo, dbyczynski: How old (in miles) was the car when you got it and how long before you started flushing fluid?

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Post by mrbrian200 »

330k is a respectable number for a modern ATX. Do you have an idea what the failure point was? ie would getting it back up require a complete mechanical rebuild or something less such as a valve body/solenoid replacement?

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Post by E Showell »

225K on '06 auto.
'98 V70 NA FWD 5 spd, silver sand metallic (sold)
'99 V70 NA FWD Auto, dark blue (sold)
'99 S70 NA FWD Auto, black (sold and resurrected -- Don't cry for me Argentina . . . )
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Post by jimmy57 »

The 2004 V70R I had and still service has 285K. Shifts perfect, engages D or R immediately when first started cold.
It had similar issues to yurs at 180K when I got it. I did drain and refill 3 times with Valvoline MaxLife ATF listing the volvo spec 1161540 (many here don't like this fluid, I have used in dozens of Volvos requiring the 3360/Toyota T-IV fluid with 100% success). I did the drain an refills 5K miles apart when I was changing the engine oil. Drain and refills pose less risk if there was any risk of new fluid shock. The fluid is synthetic and if Walmart is around you it is $17.87 per gallon there. Drain it, crank and immediately kill engine twice to get it to burp a little more and pour the whole gallon in. No burp and it will take 3.5-3.7 quarts to refill.

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Post by chrism »

2003 V70 2.4 NA, 255,000 miles.
Maintenance Pre-155,000 miles unknown. Full ATF flushes every 30,000 miles since then. Have found that slightly overfilling by about 1/2 pint eliminates any D to R or R to D transition hesitation. Has always up shifted and down shifted very smoothly.

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