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REAR Seat Skin: anyone knows how to fix?

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REAR Seat Skin: anyone knows how to fix?

Post by cn90 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:16 pm

- 2004 V70 100K miles, well-maintained.

- The P.O. apparently did not use the REAR seats at all, the skin is perfect, but the fabric thread came apart; probably loose thread from factory and all it takes is people sitting there a few times and the thread came loose...

- I didn't know how to remove the skin, so I tried my best to sew and ended up with a sh*tty job LOL!

- Does anyone know how to remove the skin cover so I can do a proper repair job?


- These are photos AFTER my sh*tty repair...



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Re: REAR Seat Skin: anyone knows how to fix?

Post by SuperHerman » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:53 pm

You have to remove the lower seat from the car, usually they pull forward - that is from the middle pull towards the front. I am sure you will find some write up on removing rear seats.

Then you will have to examine how the seat cover is attached to the foam, maybe you get lucky and find someone that has done it. I would wager Volvo does it the same as they do the front seats so look there first and notice how they use turned down points on the frame on the outside, long plastic clips that snap over edges and either plastic clips or hog rings in the middle. Then with this knowledge reexamine your rear seat cushion and remove it from the seat cover. Maybe search for a video on seat repair, trying to limit to Volvo.

Finally either bring it to a shop to have sewn, hit it with a machine or do it by hand making sure you keep the thread tight. If by hand you should be able to follow the original sewing holes - I would go back about an inch on each side. That bolster will not make things easy. Use upholstery thread of like color as it is much stronger than all purpose thread.

I agree tackling this now is a smart move.

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