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PNP switch... looking for ideas

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PNP switch... looking for ideas

Post by LNK »


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New member... American in Norway looking for some advice.
2001 XC70 2.4T AWD automatic
330,000K... I’ve been driving g it for 2 years.

All signs pointed to failed PNP switch (lose of power, gear indicator light stuck on “P”, no reverse lights, etc...), I replaced with new switch (purchased at Volco dealer) and the problem was fixed... AWESOME! Unfortunately the awesomeness only lasted for 2 days, The shift/gear issue was, luckily, after fine-tuning the PNP switch alignment, I was right to AWESOME! Fast forward 10-12 days nad I am faced with same issue, however re-aligning has been unable to correct the issue. Now, with. new, properly aligned PNP switch, I am having the same issues, to a greater degree, as well as a couple of new problems. Vehicle starts, idle is rough, and will move forward and reverse, but power is greatly reduced. ATF is at not,al capacity and appears clean.

While I struggle to look switch to solve shift/gear issue, I have been presented to other issues. After the initial installation of the PNP switch failed, I found the car (engine off, keys inside the house) I walked outside and heard a loud, deep sound, which I 1st assumed was coming from a large construction vehicle a cross the street, but soon realized the sound was coming from my Volvo, difficult to pinpoint exactly where the sound originated from, but seemed to be engine compartment, drivers side, loudest at the wheel well. I assume it was the ABS vacuum pump (I am only guessing)? I had to disconnect the battery to deactivate. I just admit... that seemed a little strange and had not repeated. After the shift/gear issues returns the second time, I again walked outside to hear the fan running, seemed strange as the car had not been in for a long time, however as I approached the car I realized it Problem started with shifter/gear problems (lose of power, gear indicator light stuck on “P”, no reverse lights)... PNP or Neutral safety switch was replaced and temporarily corrected the problem. Re-alignment of the switch corrected the problem, but again, only temporarily. the switch corrected again ... temporarily. Attempts to re-align have been futile... car will start and move, but in with littl power; gear position does not register (on instrument panel or gear shift box); prior to re-aligning the 1st time, the ABS vacuum pump activated while car as off and keys NOT in the ingnition; after the problem return d the 2nd time, the interior fan/AC activated, again car as off, keys NOT in inginition; in both cases I was forced to disconnect battery to deactivate. as not the engine fan running, but the interior fan fan that was running, again, car was off, keys were in the house and again, I was forced to disconnected the battery to deactivate.

No doubt it is all connected, but I have no idea how. I contacted Volvo today... 1st to check if there were any service recalls that had not been performed on the vehicle and, if yes, was the service still available ( there had been multiple recalls and it sounds like more than one of those could be a contributing factor). I must admit, I’m grasping at straws with the recall thing! Additionally, I made an appointment to have them run diagnostics and provide me with the codes so I have some idea what I might be dealing with (unfortunately, here in. Norway I cannot just drive to autozone to run codes, I must either buy a reader (everything here is super expensive) or I take it to the shop.

That’s my story... if anybody has any ideas or thoughts, besides, dynamite, I’m all ears.

Tusen Takk! (a thousand thanks!)
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Re: PNP switch... looking for ideas

Post by dlundblad »

Maybe a faulty switch and/ or connection? I'm a bit confused on the "realignment of the switch" part. When I replaced the one in the S60 in my signature, I took the old one out and put the new one in. The orientation of both were the same. 30 minute job if that.

The reduced power sounds more like a throttle body issue. Had that issue as well, however I believe the 2001 and 2002 are different in this aspect.
Hers: Charcoal 2002 S60 2.4t 187k
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