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2001 xc70 Engine System Service Urgent - in and out of rough idle and limp mode, NO check engine light

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2001 xc70 Engine System Service Urgent - in and out of rough idle and limp mode, NO check engine light

Post by rockyh »

Hello, I have a 2001 v70 XC with 150,000 miles on it. I do a mix of city and highway driving, nothing extreme.

The issues I am having are not consistent, so I will go in chronological order:

-about 2 weeks ago my car would not accelerate when i pressed the gas and then would surge forward. I drove to where i was going and the car sat for about 3 hours. when I went to start it again the idle was extremely rough and the light came on "Engine System Service Urgent." I came back the next day and it started fine, the light was still on but no limp mode and it drove fine. the check engine light wasn't on so no codes.

- I drove the car to a service shop that specializes in foreign vehicles. they did a "thorough" inspection - deemed the problem to be clogged tubes within the engine. $1,000 to fix, so i said no. They said they would have another mechanic look at it.
-called again and said they were mistaken and that they had jumped to conclusions. the new diagnosis is a faulty throttle body and replacement and reprogramming would cost $1,000. I asked them NOT to fix it (I have already put a significant amount of money into this vehicle, and also didn't trust them after pitching me a list of repairs that they had jumped to conclusions on...). i chose to drive the vehicle to my house a mile away instead.

- when i pulled out of the service garage, the "engine system service urgent" was no longer on and it ran fine. drove a few laps around the block to listen to the engine and go in and out of idle, tested RPM gauge and it doesn't dip significantly. the car ran fine for a day, then the light came back on and rough idle started again.

Please HELP!
The shop i took it to wasn't certain that it was the throttle body... they said they were confident, but they never said any codes.

-could anything else cause it to go in and out of limp mode and rough idle?
- would the check engine light be on for any of their diagnosis?
-what else could cause the engine system service light to come on?

-could it be the MAF sensor?

I want to keep this car, but volvo repairs are so expensive i am not sure that it's worth it.

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Post by abscate »

If that’s the original throttle body it probably is near end of life

You need to find a Volvo shop with VIDA , Volvo software, that lets you track the throttle body sensors and see how they are performing.
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Link to Maintenance record thread

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Post by earthworm »

Damned GOOD advice ..find a good shop using VIDA .. and I need to do the same ..
DO find a better shop, clogged lines in the engine ??? indeed … RUN away !
With any vehicle at over 15 years , even Saab or HONDA, WE need a good repair shop .. Its a must .

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