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2002 V70 - Driver's side hood latch not engaging

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2002 V70 - Driver's side hood latch not engaging

Post by sac2dude »

My daughter has been given the exercise of rebuilding the front of her car after an "incident" which damaged the front (driving + texting = bashed front end). Everything is back together, with a new radiator support bracket, headlights, etc. The hood looks fairly good, alignment appears unaffected and latches on the passenger side and center when dropped shut. However the drivers side isn't catching. Everything seems to line up, but...?

I've test the latches with a rod of similar side to the hood latches. Both will catch and lock, requiring me release with the cable pull in the car.

Since the mechanism seems sound, what I'm left with is although the hood seems to line up from a panel gap perspective, the drivers latch must be "lower" (or the hood latch bar itself bent shallower) so as to avoid engagement.

I don't recall the latch itself being adjustable vertically, nor is the the hood latch bar (which appears riveted inside the hood).

Any thoughts on this before I begin experimenting? It just seems odd that there are no adjustment avenues.

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Re: 2002 V70 - Driver's side hood latch not engaging

Post by cn90 »

The locking mechanism is held by three (3) 10-mm bolts. It is adjustable vertically.
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