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My dash has started going out on my 2002 Volvo v70

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My dash has started going out on my 2002 Volvo v70

Post by JoshuaPaulBarnard »

Hello, my wife and I are on a road trip around the country and were rear-ended while on interstate 91 in connecticut about 3 weeks ago. We purchased a used 2002 Volvo v70 with about 106,500 miles on it from a non-brand name dealership before leaving connecticut and continued on our trip with in-transit plates. The car seemed in good condition to me, with new brakes and a new battery. It has been less than a week now and we've already encountered two major issues. The first problem was last friday (November 5th, 2018) when we were driving through Shenandoah national park and I started getting a low battery voltage. This was because the alternator was undercharging the battery, and we were luckily able to get it replaced then next day on a saturday. A few days later the check-engine light stopped coming on and the only warning I was getting was to fill the washer fluid.

Earlier today when we were leaving the Clingman Dome trail at the Great Smoky Mountain national park my car started giving me 2 new errors, 1) "SRS-airbag service urgent", and 2) "brake failure please stop safely". Then when I turned on the car the dash totally turned off except for the check-engine light, and wasn't showing the engine temperature, fuel-gauage, RPM-meter or speedometer, along with the turn signals not working and the windows not working. The engine was still running, and I tried shifting the car into reverse, then to drive, and back to park and it seemed to be okay. I turned the car off, waited a moment, then turned it back on and everything seemed fine. So we drove back to Gatlinburg and had dinner.

When we were done eating and came back to the car we had the same issue, so I tried the same thing of turning the car off then back on. This time everything seemed fine and we started driving back to our hotel which is in Pigeon Forge about 7 miles away when I noticed the fuel-gauge wasn't working. Not 1 mile into our drive the entire dash turned off, yet the car still drove perfectly fine. I was able to drive the car back to our motel without any problems (expect not being able to use the turn signals) and am now trying to figure out what to do.

I called a few volvo dealerships and was only able to speak with one mechanic (due to it being past 6pm). He said it sounded like a problem with the computer that controlled the front-end, and that the computer which controlled the car itself sounded fine. I've been checking around, and it sounds like it might be the gauge cluster which is dying. Once I am back home and stationary it sounds fairly straight-forward to fix, in that I have to remove the dash and send it off to be fixed. But as I am still all the way across the country in Tennessee from my home in California I want to make sure before I start driving again and using my phone as a speedometer. I will be contacting some autoshops and volvo dealerships tomorrow morning, but I am also curious if anyone else has any idea's or suggestions.
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Re: My dash has started going out on my 2002 Volvo v70

Post by abscate »

I would buy a decent scanner like the AUTEL series and use it to monitor coolant temperature and other faults and drive it home

Use waze to check speed.

It could be a CEM or DIM fault which will be very expensive to fix on the road, back home, as you posted, you can remove and send to a number of places for cloning.

That same reader will tell you what the codes are and how serious they are.

Expect to spend about $125-150 for this scanner - the cheap ones won't work. Dont fuss with the phone ones, you need reliability on this trip.
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Re: My dash has started going out on my 2002 Volvo v70

Post by Georgeandkira »

I realize you have a full plate but it appears you can get yourself home; as uncomfortable as it may be.

Do keep track of how the codes recur. After clearing, note the mileage.

This may sound petty but please tell us where you bought the car in Connecticut. It's OK to do so.

Also, since it sounds like you're not the Joed's (poor dust bowlers traveling west in "The Grapes of Wrath") it isn't unthinkable that you'll consider dumping this car amid trip.

If you keep this '02 keep us informed. I sold my '02 with 198,000 trouble free miles. Your DIM and ABS controller (resolderable) may be all that is wrong.
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Re: My dash has started going out on my 2002 Volvo v70

Post by SuperHerman »

You are in a rough spot. It is fairly common for the 2002 to have the dash issues (DIM for Driver Information Module). I had this on my 2002 XC70 - "allegedly" early usage of non-lead based solder caused issues which were resolved in later models. Sometimes a simple reflow fixes the problem. The common complaint is as the car heats up things start to go wonky - which is consistent with what you are saying. Theory is the electronics get warm, joints expand and continuity problems occur. Numerous shops do the repair, popular one is Xemodex in Canada. That option requires you to pull the unit, mail it in and have it repaired. Easy, fairly pricey but quality plug and play.

See here: https://xemodex.com/us/product/driver-i ... 473-10-20/

I am not saying the problems you are experiencing is as described above, but it is like many I have read about. The facts fit, but that doesn't mean it is your issue.

That said, I am just going to throw out some things I have read people doing as work arounds. For speedometer people use their GPS unit. For engine information they use an OBD2 reader. For fuel gauge they start with a full tank of gas and use either road signs or GPS to calculate miles traveled, figuring 20mpg to be safe. People doing this have zero information from their DIM.

I suggest you start with this link (third time today I have suggested it): https://steemit.com/cars/@novaswe/hidde ... -s80-00-07

This self diagnostic only tests communications to the modules - it will not tell you if you have any codes or have the ability to clear any codes. For what you need that is fine. You just want to make sure none of the critical modules are down. The DIM is one of the tests - if the system cannot communicate with it - it will reflect this.

If you have modules that are down - proceed as you see fit.

First thing in the morning before the car is operated run the built in tests and see what if any errors you are getting. My guess is you most likely will not have any issues as the "heat" issues will not be in play. Once your dash (DIM) goes down this test cannot be performed as the DIM is what provides the results.

You can do some reading on DIM failures and see if the complaints are similar to yours. If they are similar do what is most comfortable for you, but the car should make it home without issues.
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