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Braking issues

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Braking issues

Post by AlanS »

2006 XC70. I never felt that this car had responsive brakes. Pedal has always felt low, meaning that I have to push down 1/2 way for braking to begin. Sometimes I think that after one pump, it is higher. Did a full brake/ rotor change, changed fluid...no change in feel. Am I missing something? or do these models have 'spongy' brakes? I have a 2013 S60, different feel. I have had 850's and S40...no issues.
What can I check or change to have more responsive, higher pedal?
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Re: Braking issues

Post by XC70Rider »

Are the brakes more responsive after the engine warms up? If that's the case test your vacuum pump and it's check valve switch using this thread as a guide


The 2007 XC70 I got last May had spongy brakes during startup until I replaced the burnt vacuum pump and check valve switch that was stuck open.
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Re: Braking issues

Post by oragex »

Try first the switch ($70 at Fcp euro). If the switch is working, with the engine off turn the ignition key to Pos II, then pump the pedal a few times: you should hear the pump buzzing to boost the vacuum.
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Re: Braking issues

Post by zjevik »

I have 2006 S60 and there is no response the first 15% of the pedal travel. I changed the switch, brake booster, front calipers and lines for other reasons but the brake response stayed the same. I would say that the brakes are very gradual on my car but they do lock the wheel at 80%-90% of the pedal travel (especially after the front caliper replacement).

When my vacuum switch was not working the pedal feeling was almost the same but the "braking power" was way less if the engine didn't produce enough vacuum.
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