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2006 xc70 breather (PCV) system

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Re: 2006 xc70 breather (PCV) system

Post by XC70Rider »

jimpierce7 wrote: Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:08 pm Updated parts list. All I need is the wife's W-2. Got mine already. State returns come quick usually.

Part#: kit-504286 $208.60 Volvo PCV breather kit
part#: 30731007 $42.10 Volvo PCV nipple
part#: 31293698 $109.69 Thermostat
part#: 30731727 $144.99 Timing belt kit
part#: KIT-524581 $63.53 Water pump
part#: 8653884 $7.82 Banjo Bolt
part#: 18671 $1.13 x 2 crush washer
I would also replace the serpentine belt PN 30731808.

With a 2005+ engine you turn the tensioner CW with the allen wrench to give it tension. First turn CCW to relieve tension, turn it CW past the middle to give tension, then go back to middle and tighten the center bolt to 20nm.

I did the PCV job in mid January along with a new MAF, upstream O2 sensor, and ETM. Just finished the Timing kit, water pump, thermostat, flushed cooling system, oil pump kit, dropped & cleaned oil sump, and installed new transmission mount this week.
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Re: 2006 xc70 breather (PCV) system

Post by jimpierce7 »

I just replaced the serpentine belt a couple months ago. MAF and upstream O2 sensor too. Sure has a familiar ring there!! haha Went through hell with that MAF too. Tried to save a few bucks at O'Reilly auto, gave up after the third bad one. Got lucky at Autozone.
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Re: 2006 xc70 breather (PCV) system

Post by firstv70volvo »

jimpierce7 wrote: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:17 pm Turns out the difference between the two banjo bolts is a pin in the one. What would be the purpose of the pin?

I just did the PCV service on my car and with the research done before, during and after the job I think it's best to use the latest banjo bolt design in the intake manifold, which is the one with a check valve and a more reliable roll pin retainer. The check valve reduces the pressure transferred to the crankcase when under boost and while the intake manifold is pressurized. Part number 31325709. I've read there's been several design revisions for the intake manifold banjo bolt and the latest design has the check valve and a better retention design to keep the check valve parts from being suck into the engine as with a previous revision.
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