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Cold start issue only when cold out

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Cold start issue only when cold out

Post by Chris1982 »

Hey, new to the forum today and just seeking some advice. I got a 2004 volvo s60 2.5 T. Recently with the cold weather my car will not start in the morning. I mean it will but with a lot of patience. I've replaced the car with a new battery, purchased a fairly new starter, and waiting on a starter relay. So, heres what happens. I get in the car and try to turn it over. There's power to everything and no drainage. I turn the ignition to start and all I get is one simple click. Sometimes if I hold the key it starts other times i keep turning the key and it just keeps clicking once. While I'm sitting in the car and put the ignition into position 2 I will not hear anything boot up like the blower. I've shifted the gear selector back and forth thinking it's the neutral switch, turned on accessories so it goes through a cycle and notta. I'm hoping it's the relay and will wait to see once its delivered but looking for ideas or input on anything else I should check or replace. Also have a bulb failure position light (cant locate) all are working, trunk lid open message. Opens using dice but key fob and trunk button wont open it. Please help. Thank you

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Post by RickHaleParker »

Did you clean the battery cable terminals when you installed the new battery?

It does sound like your getting a drop in power across the battery cable. It is normal for a battery to have a lower power output when cold. If that is coupled with a severe power loss in the cables and the power available to the starter can be less then what is needed overcome the initial inertia.

I think this is your case. When you work the battery it heats up and the power comes up enough that the sum is greater then what is needed to overcome the initial inertia of need to spin the motor.

Clean the battery battery cable terminals and inspect the cables for ANY sign of damage or corrosion up under the insulation. One can usually spot signs of corrosion at the ends of the cable. However the lack of corrosion at the ends of the cable is not conclusive, there could be heat damage or corrosion hidden anywhere along the length of the cable.

A voltmeter across the length of a cable when trying to crank would detect a large voltage drop, if the cable is defective.

What oil do you have installed and how old is it? Heavy weight oil and old oil can exacerbate starting. Thicker oil adds inertia to the engine. In the Canadian climate, 5W30 is winter oil (Temperatures stay below 30° C). 10W30 is summer oil (Temperatures exceed 30° C).
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Post by nucci480 »

Did you find a solution to this problem?

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