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Should i keep car with these issues

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Re: Should i keep car with these issues

Post by natural4reelz » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:26 pm

[*]ImageI already did the drain /fill or actually MEINEKE did it ... AND its still i guess its slipping.. i have a video but can figure out how to post it ...

Also... when i say my car is sluggish which it totally is....

Heres my example.....>>>€

When im at a stop light and begin to give it gas I have notice I have to press the gas pedal down more ( like its needs more pressure) for it to accelerate....

And the RPMS will be around the number 2 1/2 and
3 and my MPH will read like 20mph

But i also feel my car when its idling at the stop light
Do little what i call a hiccup and then i only feel this through the gas pedal....

When the car does those hiccups at the stop light
It also seems like when the car hiccups it like at the same time it almost feels like it wants to die but then doesnt...

The idle alwYs reads around 800 And never moves so im lost....

Can you show me a pic of the seafoam and where i should put it too..

P.S How do i clean my PCV/ or PVC

I HAVE bunch oil under car bad its nasty
I wS told my car does NOT have a PVC/ or PCV VALVE

Cancan the car being sluggish be from dirty pcv or pvc system?? If so i like some pics sfep by srep on how to clean it....

Cuz my car eats more gas and the gas pedal feel more stiff or is taking more of me pressing it down to get it to accelerate and thats when i yhink its slipping

Sorry for the long message here
I am going to figure out how to post pic .... because somehow i did it in the post of the color of rhe tranny fluid

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