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R parts compatibility / turbo upgrade questions

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R parts compatibility / turbo upgrade questions

Post by justanotherhumanoid » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:58 pm

Hey all, have a chance to pull parts off an '04 S60R (I've got an '06 S60 2.5T AWD), have one or two questions I can't find a solid answer to, hopefully someone can help me out.

1. Will the front and rear bumper off the '04 S60R fit my '06 S60 2.5T AWD?
2. To upgrade to a K24, this thread (link below) mentions modifying a coolant pipe to allow the K24 to physically fit - is there any way to just pull this pipe off an R to avoid having to remove, cut, and weld the coolant pipe? Trying to decide if I should get the K24 off it or not.
https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthrea ... KK24-turbo
3. Anything else I should snag? Already planning to pull the brake calipers, maybe pads and rotors if they're in good shape, probably wheels too.

Thanks all.


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Re: R parts compatibility / turbo upgrade questions

Post by SuperHerman » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:30 am

I cannot answer your question based on actual experience, but will tell you how I would approach it.

If you have VIDA go into the parts section and compare the parts. If you don't have VIDA you will have to go to a Volvo website and compare the parts on the diagrams.

For Question 1: Check out the mounting brackets and see if they both use the same parts in the parts diagram. I assume the sheet metal is the same. If the mounting brackets are the same the bumpers should swap out. Other way to confirm is to look at actual pictures or the actual cars and check the mounting system. That is how I would approach it.

For Question 2: I would do the same thing, but engine related. Pull up the part numbers and look at the area to see what Volvo did to make it fit. The blocks are basically the same externally - the difference is internal. Confirm by looking at pictures. You also need to see what parts are changed after the pipe - you may want to grab these items also.

Basically the parts diagrams and numbers is how I would approach the problem. It would be smart to look very closely at yours and then go look at the donor, equipped with pictures and part number knowledge.

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