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01 V70 trouble codes and rough start idle

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01 V70 trouble codes and rough start idle

Post by CIK7 »

Hello all! I love being able to post on here instead of feeling stranded out here in the Volvo world by myself!

I would like to get advice on a rough idle. Each time that I leave the car sitting longer than 6hr(ish), the start up idle is very rough. Only on start up, until I've been driving it for 10 min or so. And it won't smooth out if I just leave it sitting. It will only smooth out if I put the car in Drive and drive it around like normal. I bought a JDiag FasLink M1 to look at the basic info on there like current codes, battery, live data, maintenance. But do I have to get a much better tool to view whether the individual cylinders are operating properly? I want to see whether there is a misfire or not. When I had my 09 Chevy Impala, 2x I had to limp to the auto parts store on 5 out of 6 cylinders for different reasons stemming from an unplugged SP. It ran rough as I had been told by a mechanic. The Volvo's rough idle is rougher than that of my Impala when I was gassing it up to 10mph on 5 out of 6 cylinders.
I've had some trouble codes too. I looked them up and would like y'all's input on different methods on how to solve them. Pics posted.
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Re: 01 V70 trouble codes and rough start idle

Post by SuperHerman »

Lots of codes. Look for air leaks, MAF sensor, fuel pump and gas cap. Report back.
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Re: 01 V70 trouble codes and rough start idle

Post by 93SCMax »

Agree with SuperHerman…lots of codes. May be stored for some time? Clear codes, check items suggested, repair as needed, run car, and recheck if codes come back. Report those reoccurring for more assistance.
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