P2 PCV Service banjo bolt solved lessons learned 31325709

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P2 PCV Service banjo bolt solved lessons learned 31325709

Post by volvomadness »

I have replaced numerous s70 breather boxes and only one s60.

So when I had to replace the breather box on my 2007 XC70 I dreaded it because of the banjo bolt design.

Combed the internet looking for an easy way to do this.

If you watch the fcp video on youtube he makes it look so easy. NOT, That's why the dealer charges upward to $800 labor.

So here is my advice.
- fcp youtube guy says order the part 31731007 he is correct. The plastic hose in so brittle on the one your taking out it will probably break anyway.
- Make sure if you are 2005 and later buy the banjo bolt with the check valve. Fcp sent me the wrong one and I had to go to the dealer and spend $20 for the right one.
- So whats the best way to handle getting the banjo bolt back on. I had the greatest success less than 5 minutes by doing this.
DON'T connect the following hoses to the breather box. The one that goes to top of engine. The one that connected to the banjo.
and don't connect the hose from the banjo to thermostat. Doing all this will allow you alot of clearance to lift up intake and start the bolt. You will have to work under the manifold to connect those crankcase hoses but its no big deal.
- BTW there is no need to take off fuel rail leave it on the manifold. Just be careful not to cross thread the manifold bolt near the fuel line.
- Use a 10 mm crowsfoot wrench to get at the manifold bolt near the thermostat. And do't forget to snipe the end off the new manifold gasket to slide it over the bottom bolt near the thernostat. (just like fcp guy did)
- If I could have, I would have removed the fan shroud to gain more access. Problem is on my car unlike any volvo I have had before and I have had many. The shroud is connected to the radiator (aside from the top two bolts) by a bolt on the passenger bottom. And it is rusted and you can't get a wrench on the other side to break it free. So I had to leave the fan in.

Anyway hope this helps anyone trying to replace their breather on these cars.

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Post by abscate »

Starting the banjo bolt and the new locking down the breather box last was how I did my 1999, first year with the banjo vacuum breather connection. It’s tough otherwise.

Covered in this thread in the P80 Forum too

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Post by Ta305 »

Where is the check valve for the 2001 models? I think the boost blows in the pvc.

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