AW55-50SN problem

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Re: AW55-50SN problem

Post by pedrohf »

Ok, so, bad news.. C3 friction is gone, so, a rebuild is needed. Quote for a rebuilt valve body, internals and torque converter : 3500€ inc labour :( Too much for me.
Its quite easy to find used post 2002 aw55-50sn transmissions, with warranty. My idea is to buy one of those +2002 gearboxes, install a new valve body, and then install it into the car. It will work, if I install a 2004 gearbox, with a 2001 rebuilt valve body?

Also, found a cheap 2000 V70 2.4i non-geartronic. Drives perfect, tried it, mechanically is perfect, 140.000km, but the exterior is a mess.. Selling for 1000€. Is it worth? It will work if I swap the tranny with a 2001 rebuild valve body?

In meanwhile, found that the previous owner changed the oil at 80.000km, and the mechanic used a non-JW compliant oil... That might explain the burnt C3..

Thanks in advance to everybody. Urgent!

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Post by vtl »

How did you conclude that the C3 is gone? Get the B4 servo pin out and check that it was not jamming due to broken spring or bad B4 cap. You can buy a new, redesigned cap for like $25-30. It was redesigned a few times until they finally got something really working. Flaring or binding third gear on earlier AW55 was a separated B4 servo cap.

The band that B4 pin is engaging against the drum is quite beefy. You may weld a bit more of metal at the tip of the pin, they come in a variety with 0.5mm increment of total length. I just did that - the +0.5 mm mod - with a cheap MMA (stick) welder and stainless steel electrodes.

"New" (factory rebuilt) AW55 brought from Europe to US is like $2600. Dealers get it for about $2400.

Also if some idiot touched the big hex (on earlier AW55s) or penta bolt (on later ones) - the band is disengaged, since the bolt is anchoring it to the transmission's case.

You are really up to transmission rebuild if the filter is fully clogged and there's a consequent loss of the line pressure. Transmission kaput then.
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Post by tango_1000 »

When I bought the car the seller told me that this model of Volvos comes with out transmission fluid!!!! So finally I put a newer transmission with 64K...excellent! Paid 300 for the transmission and Julio charged me 300...

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