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Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

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Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

Post by Robiej101 »

Have a 2002 xc 70 cross country. Started hard since I bought it, usually took 2 tries. Went to start it this morning and it wouldn't start. Turns over, but won't start. Also, there has been and still is a faint smell of gas. What would or could this be? Thanks for any and all input
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Re: Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

Post by tardcart »

90% of the time its the fuel pump when you have hard starting. You will have to take the pressure at the rail if you want to illuminate that.
40 psi minimum, 50 when cranking preferred. since you smell gas it could be a problem with the regulator or return line back at the tank.
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Re: Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

Post by 93SCMax »

Respectfully disagree that it's the fuel pump. If you are smelling gas, you are getting fuel, but you potentially have a leak. I suspect you just have unburnt fuel due to no/little spark.

I'm betting it's the battery..low cold cranking amps. When was the last time you replaced your battery? You have had hard starting from day one so it's possible that the battery has finally crossed the point of not being able to start the car. Have you tried to jump start the car from another car (running) battery, or changed out the battery with a known good one? Try this.

These cars are pretty sensitive to the charge level of the battery. I'd recommend you start there and report back.
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Re: Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

Post by StickyPocket »

I would smell gas after driving when I had a bad fuel pump. It failed pretty early, about 50k miles. Is the fuel tank wet with gasoline?
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Re: Car turns over but won't start. Smell gas

Post by BlackBart »

Just a thought - I have flooded my 850 a couple of times and washed down the cylinder walls, which eliminates the oil film and blows your compression. Wouldn't start. Squirted a dab of oil in the cylinders and it fired right up.
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