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Tie Rod Jam Nut vs Air Gun Question

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Tie Rod Jam Nut vs Air Gun Question

Post by cn90 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:15 pm

Hi guys,

I need an opinion re Air Gun for seized Jam Nut (on the Tie Rod).

I need to do an alignment for my 2004 V70 with 110K miles.
I could turn the Inner Tier Rod against the Outer Tier Rod.

- However, the Jam Nut is seized onto the thread of the INNER.
- I have heated the Jam Nut with propane torch for a good 45 sec etc.
- PB Blaster etc. etc.
- Freeze-Off (the CRC stuff) etc.

- I have an Impact Air Gun in my garage.

My question is: from watching the FCPEuro youtube video, the impact gun removed the Jam Nut with ease.
So, if I undo the OUTER from the knuckle, remove the OUTER and expose the Jam Nut just like in the video,
do you think the Impact Gun (with 21-mm socket) will undo the seized nut?


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Re: Tie Rod Jam Nut vs Air Gun Question

Post by - Pete - » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:20 pm

That jamb nut only has a hold of maybe 3-4 threads worth - it should come loose without too much guff. Make sure you count how many turns when removing the outer tie rod so you’re in the ballpark when re-installing it.

EDIT: I watched the video finally. I'd just do what FCP Jay did. Just make sure you have a good bite on the 13mm hex portion of the shank - maybe a crows foot 13mm, if you can get one on there. Then just blast if off with the impact.

Another easy alternative would be to just cut the jamb nut with a dremel & cutoff wheel & smack with a chisel. Then lube threads & replace jamb nut & carry out alignment from there.
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Re: Tie Rod Jam Nut vs Air Gun Question

Post by jimmy57 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:24 am

I have had success using two hammers to get those free. One big hammer on a flat of nut behind and the other big hammer strikes the near flat. Then repeat on another pair of opposing flats.

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