09 S60 T5 - Running issues - MAF?

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09 S60 T5 - Running issues - MAF?

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Hi folks,

Well, I bought that 2009 S60 T5 that I asked for opinions on earlier... and it's testing me by giving some running issues. No codes - that would be too easy.

Here are the symptoms (and my thoughts on each):
1. Idle is rough feeling - vibrations in cabin in drive/park/neutral. I've replaced the upper torque mount, lower trans torque mount, and passenger engine mount with Lemforder/Hutchinson OEM parts.
2. Throttle 'dead spot' when setting off or general lack of sensitivity. It's extremely laggy, and when it finally does respond, the car often jumps forward suddenly.
3. Odd transmission behavior - around 40 mph or below, when I'm off the gas and coasting, the rpms drop to neutral. I don't think my 2009 auto should be doing this?

I think it's the MAF. I've done some data logging using an iCarsoft Volvo reader, and have these values:
- Idle speed in neutral, AC off, at temp : 650 - 677 rpm
- Fuel trim, bank 1, short : 0.99
- Fuel trim, bank 1, long, lower : 0.99
- MAF reading, neutral, idle, at temp : 10.5 - 10.8 kg/h
- MAF correction factor : 0.99

I know the later model P2s have the Bosch throttle units that tend to be better, which is why I'm starting with the MAF. Looking for any other guidance folks can offer. Thanks!
- James
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