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Does VIDA flip bits or download code for enabling features like foglights?

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Does VIDA flip bits or download code for enabling features like foglights?

Post by TheMrFailz » Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:12 pm

I had a pondering thought today while thinking about all the stuff I wanna do now that I have to replace my freshly exploded 02' aisin brand frag-in-a-box auto: When you enable a feature on your ecu/cem via VIDA's paid feature enable service (example: needed when enabling foglights besides the physical lights / relay), does VIDA download code that tells your car how to actually enable those lights / relays or does it flip a hand full of bits / get a key for telling your ECU that its ok to let existing code that controls those features function? Either way should you be able to eventually find said code / keys and write it onto the memory of an ecu/cem that doesn't have it enabled?

The only way I could think of it not being that easy is if the key for enabling a feature on a specific ECU/CEM was specific to that car and the computer could tell if it was the right one, kind of like how encrypted files need one singular specific key to unlock them.
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