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2005 S60 2.5 T Question for all you experts

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2005 S60 2.5 T Question for all you experts

Post by 05S6025t »

Hello. I am new to Volvo, as of last month I bought a 2005 S60 2.5T -never owned or even driven a volvo before that. I can't believe what ive been missing out on all these years, I dont think I'll buy anything but Volvo from now on. Okay, so when its hot outside 85-90 degrees, she tends to chug a bit while pulling away from a stop, sometimes it feels like something is holding her back if that makes sense. When its night time or morning she flies without hesitation. Never idles rough in the least bit, no engine codes, I just took it to the small dealership/shop I bought it and they cleared a bunch of old codes, 2 were fuel codes. They took it out and couldnt recreate the complaint , they even checked fuel pressure and checked for driveability codes and everything was fine. Now finally the question , what would cause this issue im having and not throw a code? I mean this is the only complaint i have, runs beautifully but its bugging me. Before I take it to the volvo shop can anyone give me any insight on this? Sorry about the long post, first time on an auto forum and i just want you to have all the facts . It has approx 93000 miles on it, 5speed AT /fwd. Thanks very much in advance.
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Re: 2005 S60 2.5 T Question for all you experts

Post by mrbrian200 »

Could just be intercooler heat soak when sitting at stop for too long. With reduced/no airflow into the front of the vehicle, the intercooler doesn't cool the intake air after the turbo as effectively. Hence incoming air density would be lower which will result in somewhat lower power output from the engine (ECU backs off fuel delivery to maintain correct air/fuel ratio). This would be considered normal operation, there's probably not much to do about it short of somehow rigging the coolant fan to run at it's high speed while standing (regardless whether the coolant temp is high enough to tip it on).
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Re: 2005 S60 2.5 T Question for all you experts

Post by cn90 »

I have a somewhat similar problem in my 2005 XC90 2.5T with 103K, but I had error codes P0101 (MAF code) and P2188 (too rich at idle).

Turned out it was a dirty throttle body plate.

I wrote about it in the link below.

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