Linear Solenoids and Valve body Rebuild

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Linear Solenoids and Valve body Rebuild

Post by Blacklab467 »

Just finished installing my Transgo kit and cleaning the linear solenoids and wanted to provide an update on the job and results.
I followed the instructions on my previous post regarding dropping the subframe and they were spot on, the only thing I would add is that it is not necessary to use an engine lift to lift the engine, I used a bottle jack and just lifted it an inch or so. When I dropped the subframe I had more than enough room to get at the last two bolts. Also, I was anticipating the engine shifting to the timing belt side so I stuck a block about an inch and a quarter thick to keep it from shifting.
My Torx bolts were where I thought I would have the most trouble however they came out super easy. I would recommend tapping on the torx driver and extensions with a small hammer to make sure the torx bit is well seated before you try and turn them. If you do strip the bit or the bolt head you will be in for a world of hurt! That being said, they are not very tight and should turn easily.
The linear solenoid rebuild is easy and the kit works well. I stopped for the evening after I did that step and was contemplating not doing the rest of the valve body kit as I was a little intimidated by the complexity. The next morning I woke up with a new courage and lined the workbench with clean paper and went to it! Not difficult, just take lots of pictures and lay it out in an organized way. A couple hours later I was installing it back in the car!
Reassembly went smooth and I was anxious to test the results: Every symptom that Transgo describes with the VB issues were resolved! I had a terrible Drive/ Reverse engagement before and now it was like a new car! No shift flares or delayed 2-3 shifts, its perfect!
The whole job took 2 1/2 days of me working slowly and methodically. Having done it now I would probably do it again in about 8 or 9 hours. It was quite a pleasant job to do with rewarding results!
Thanks Oragex for the video of the procedure and SuperHerman for the instructional link.
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Post by ignatz »

Good job!!!
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