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Fuel Pressure varries

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Re: Fuel Pressure varries

Post by volvolugnut »

Don't beat on yourself. These cars are complex and working on any cars takes some experience beyond turning wrenches. Learning what is important is part of the education. (Vacuum tubes must be connected and not leak. Wires must not be bare. But, you can change hose and clamp types.) You learn as you make mistakes and ask questions. The advantage today is the internet can help with long distance advice. Get a paper manual for your own reference and use the internet to fill in the missing information. Hang in there!

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Re: Fuel Pressure varries

Post by abscate »

Usually that hose being loose pops a MAP code, I left mine off on a clutch job but it nicely told me the mistake
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Re: Fuel Pressure varries

Post by Nulluser00 »

I am sorry for the delay.
I found several issues with the S60.
1) Steering fluid low and ATF instead of silicon
Flushed and replaced fluid, no steering shimmy
2) The hose to the MAP had been removed at both ends and the engine port blocked with a cap.
I inspected another 2002 S60 and found this little hose, I followed it to a little module. Stopped by Adance Auto and picked up a foot of 1/8" hose. Removed the cap and installed the hose. There was no way I could get a normal hose clamp to fasten the engine port side, so I slid a larger piece of rubber hose and used a normal hose clamp. I reconnected the MAF sensor, and the car runs great.

Now to troubleshoot the windshield wiper.

I'm on forced 'stay at home' because I've tested positive for COVID-19, I live in a remote rural valley, no real internet, I'm using my phone as a WiFi hotspot, slow as can be. I do not have any symptoms. I have mile asthma but my flow rate is normal. No GI upset, no fever no nothing. I'll be released from home incarceration next Wednesday (April 16, 2020). Can't wait to get back to work!

I will remove the plastic shield above the wiper assembly this afternoon and see what I can decipher.
The fuse is good.

Take care everyone and sorry for the ultra long dealy. I work in the power distribution side of engineering and we were buried in work. 80 hour weeks, lots of travel. But we finished all our outstanding projects before our receptionist came down with COVID-19. She recovered. I work with 9 people and everone tested positive. One older guy is having trouble, he's on oxy but not a ventalator. COVID-19 is extremely contagious! I had no interaction with our receptionist and don't think I was within 30 feet of her but the virus probably got in the HVAC air stream. The boss, my aunt, had a UV sterilizer placed in the HVAC ait out put and a commercial cleaning crew come in and give the place a complete cleaning.

Again, thanks for the advice, sorry I didn't reply earlier but after recovering from the flu I had very little free time.

I've learned a lot about trouble shooting, look things over, verify everything is within spec, fluid levels, hoses, wiring etc and never ever assume anything!.

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