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DIY: 2004 V70 2.5T PCV Job, a Brief Job (110K miles)

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DIY: 2004 V70 2.5T PCV Job, a Brief Job (110K miles)

Post by cn90 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:57 am

DIY: 2004 V70 2.5T PCV Job, a Brief Job (110K miles)

- This is an "inexpensive preventive replacement of PCV system" at 110K miles.

- My experience over the years when I did the PCV on my P80 cars that at 100K-110K, I can do a mini DIY PCV.

1. The 1998 V70 with 100K, very little sludge, all components were still OK.
2. The 1998 S70 with 150K, the vent pipe (plastic broke during removal), so I used 5/8-inch hose mod to reduce smoking dipstick. Info in forum:

DIY: 1998 Volvo S70 GLT PCV Modification, how to get rid of smoking dipstick!


- Since my 2004 V70 2.5T has only 110K and runs fine, I decided to do a “mini PCV tune-up”.

The big tune-up (replacing other hoses, rubber inserts at Oil Trap etc.) is for later at 150K or so.

- So, if you have only 100K-110K and do not suspect any significant sludge, you can do this mini PCV to save $...LOL.

- I only bought the Banjo Bolt from FCPEuro. This is b/c of rare reports of the horizontal pin breaking off ---> sucked into engine causing broken valves. Check Volvo website with your VIN to be sure you get the correct bolt. I bought Genuine Volvo 31325709 for $15.

- I use grass trimmer spool to poke the plastic vacuum pipe.

- My factory Banjo bolt has a pin. Basically this is a conventional PCV valve (the $10 PCV valve you see in Chevy, Ford, Honda etc.) that is embedded in this Banjo bolt.

- Manifold gasket: I re-used mine as I have done this many times without issues as long as you don’t damage it. Best is to get new gasket but you need to cut a slit for the passenger side infamous stud area.

- Anyway, at 110K, this is all you need.

- If the small plastic pipe breaks, you can buy a generic plastic pipe or thick silicone hose, rather buying the whole kit for T6 engine ($45). All you need is a thick-walled hose. Search forum but I think this particular hose has an I.D. = 3.5 mm according to this thread:

- So, all in all, if you do it my way, it only costs you $15 for this mini DIY PCV.

1. Info on how to remove Intake Manifold is in this forum. And on youtube video by FCPEuro:

2. All you need is gently lift the manifold up. Watch the fuel line connection: press the quick-connect plastic UPWARD to release from the metal line. You may want to cap the metal line with some ziploc bag and rubber band to prevent dirt from entering the fuel system.


3. The Banjo bolt has a copper washer. I re-used it as long as the indented side faces the manifold.
The indentation comes from previous tightening, as long as the same orientation is respected, you will be fine.


4. Use the grass trimmer spool to poke the hole, it should come out the other side (disconnect it from the oil trap first). If not, the plastic pipe is broken. Best is to replace it with generic 3.5-mm hose.


5. Wood trick to lift I.M. Clean throttle body too. Turn the black side UPWARD before spraying carb cleaner to prevent carb cleaner from entering the internals of the TB.


6. I use a small piece of paper towel to hold the 10-mm socket for that passenger side infamous bolt.
That is all folks for 110K PCV service, no need to do the whole thing.
At 150K, I will replace the infamous Hose-Vent combo pipe (this thingy costs $150!)…

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