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2004 XC70 - Sluggish when compared to another 04 XC70?

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Re: 2004 XC70 - Sluggish when compared to another 04 XC70?

Post by rjj100 »

I would go buy reels of different size hoses and replace ALL my hoses in the engine compartment, if my hoses looked like those! I see obvious leaks in your hoses, and since the left one goes to your intake manifold it will totally confuse your ECM and result in poor performance.

Here is a picture from a 2007 Volvo S60 2.5T. The left bottom hose goes to the intake manifold, the one above goes to a valve and then somewhere down under the intake manifold, and the one going up leads to the one way valve And then the boosted output from the turbo. Yours might be similar.
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Re: 2004 XC70 - Sluggish when compared to another 04 XC70?

Post by Rattnalle »

NullenVoyd wrote: Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:45 pm I'll post the graph I got yesterday from the new car along with one I collect from the old car hopefully in the next couple days, but you were dead-on vtl. It hit max 1490hPa when getting on it on the freeway, which suggests heavily the old Voov is likely tuned and new one is working just peachy. I wonder if part of what I'm feeling on the low end (around the block) is the torque limitation removal I've heard ECU tunes tend to remove? Still going to double-check pressures when I get my hands on the right tools, just to verify and get the experience.

This also means I will likely be looking to tune up the new Voov once I get the old one sold and let the holiday craziness pass.
I stage 1 tuned my V70 and the difference before and after is very clear. Especially the extra low end torque is really noticeable in normal easy driving. 400-ish Nm of torque and somewhat different shifting patterns to use it better. To notice the increase in total power takes a bit more work.
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