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Resurrecting a 2001 S60 T5 manual

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Resurrecting a 2001 S60 T5 manual

Post by highmiles »

This car came to me with a partially disassembled motor, the PO had a water pump fail, timing belt... bent valves etc.

I have the motor all back together and am trying to get it started, but no fire yet.

I feel confident that I have the timing correct. I have fuel pressure at the fuel rail and have confirmed spark at one of the plugs. When I removed the plug it seemed to smell of gas (I wouldn't think all 5 injectors would be clogged...) The gas still smells like gas... but I did not drain the tank, and I have not added any new gas. I don't know how long the car was sitting, but my guess is this gas is 2-3 years old, and there is not much in the tank, likely making more likely to have absorbed a lot of water? So I think this is the next thing to try.

I do have a check engine light, hooked the car up to VIDA and reset codes, but still have a permanent failure with the following:
CEM - 1A5D Communication with ETM control module signal missing
CEM-DF13 CAN- H, high speed network
CEM-DF16 CAN- L, high speed network
ECM-2000 Engine cooland temperature (ECT) sensor - Signal too low
UEM- 0004 Siren Communication fault.
My sense is that these codes will clear (except probably the Siren...) once I get the car running. Anyone see any codes here that would indicate that I have other issues to deal with prior to moving on to the fuel? I did go back and double check to be sure I had all the connectors plugged in and grounds attached.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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