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Excess Gas consumption

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Re: Excess Gas consumption

Post by kallekula »

Rattnalle wrote: Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:52 pm You guys are running some seriously low pressures. 2,8 bars/41 psi is my regular pressure. I bump it another .1 bars for long highway trips. 205/55-16 or 195/60-16. Any lower and the car feels way too squishy for my taste. So really I'm running Volvo's recommended highway+high load pressure all the time.
+1 40psi all around. Easy nr to remember too 👍

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Re: Excess Gas consumption

Post by Namo »

Finally went on a 300 miles trip and fuel consumption seems great. I guess the car needed a long run. At 280 miles, fuel guage was a point below halt tank mark.
2002 volvo s60 2.4 non-turbo, Automatic gearbox.
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Re: Excess Gas consumption

Post by Rattnalle »

That seems quite reasonable. Report back when you've filled up as well.

They're quite economical on long runs but not very on short trips.
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Re: Excess Gas consumption

Post by oragex »

Try to refill the tank and see how many litters it actually took. The fuel gauge is not always accurate. Also, from what I've seen, these can get good highway mileage while city mileage can still be poor - if there's any issue with it.
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