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ABS/Anti Skid service Required-Wheel Sensor Replacement Topic is solved

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ABS/Anti Skid service Required-Wheel Sensor Replacement  Topic is solved

Post by ThreeBear » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:51 am

Hey All,

I wanted to post a quick recap on the 'ABS/Anti Skid service Required' fault light I was getting. I have included the error codes I was getting along with the fix I performed.

My ABS light initially would turn on when going over rough roads and would reset each time I would turn off my car. After this happened several times the light came on and stayed on.

I tried reading the codes with an older OBDII reader but it would not find the ABS error codes. From my reading it seems like some of the OBDII reader will not pick up on Volvo ABS error codes?

I ended up going to AutoZone and using their Bosch OBDII reader which did pull up 3 codes:

Error Code-I think this is the same as BCM 0100
ABS Error Code 0010
ABS Error Code 0011
I was getting really concerned because everything I looked up was saying that these error codes were almost certainly about the ABS module failing and that it would need to be re-soldered or replaced ($$$$).

I was able to replace the wheel sensor with a unit I got on amazon for $16 and it worked like a charm. After inspecting the wire you can see that the wire had worn completely through by rubbing on the sway bar link.
Damaged wire
1. Jack up the car and remove the wheel (my error was for 'front left'=drivers side front)
2. Access the wheel sensor on-top of the wheel knuckle. Use a 10 mm to remove the bolt. No need to remove caliper or disc.
Location on knuckle, easy access
3. Use gentle pressure on the sensor cord to remove the sensor. Mine popped out after a little wiggling.
4. Remove the sensor clips by following the sensor wire up to the connection point, removing the clips as you go. For me it was easier to remove a few of the clips from the wheel well and a few from the engine compartment.
5. Remove the under hood sensor connector (near strut tower).
Under Hood Sensor Connection near strut tower
6. Compare the two parts to ensure they are the same.

Installation is the reverse of the above. I didn't worry about any torque spec on the sensor bolt, just turn it in by hand (to ensure no cross threading) and then snugged it down an appropriate amount. Not best practice but c'est la vie.

After the sensor was installed the ABS light was still on, once I started to reverse out of the driveway it turned off. You might need to get up to 20 mph to get the ABS system to reset, apparently it does a self-diagnosis @20 mph and will reset if the issue has been resolved.

Hope this helps anybody else getting these error codes or having this issue!! Sorry about the dirty volvo!
2004 Volvo S60 2.4L NA 5-Speed Manual (~187,000miles)

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